Below are some frequently asked questions about the Cache Valley Home Builder Association's virtual Parade of Homes.
  • When is the Parade of Homes?

    The Virtual Parade of Homes will be held October 30 - November 30th.
    11 homes will be open to visit virtually to all ticket holders. 
  • Where can I purchase tickets?

    Tickets are $4.99 through November 30th for a 30 day virtual pass. Tickets are available on this website (click on Tickets). 
  • Are the Parade Homes for sale?

    Most of the Parade Homes are custom built for a specific homeowner, however each year a few homes are built as spec homes and may be available for purchase. If the home is for sale it will be indicated on the house’s information.
  • I have a question that’s not on the list. Who do I contact?

    Feel free to call our office at (435) 792-4441 or visit the CONTACT  page to fill out your request.